How to Acid Wash your Pool 

A lot of people will call a professional swimming pool maintenance in El Cajon to help them in cleaning their swimming pools especially when there are stains on the swimming pool that they want to remove whether in the floor or in the walls of the swimming pool. But, you also need to realize that you can do this on your own when you own a pool, there is no need for you to call a professional and pay more money for their services when you can get it done on your own.  

 Acid Wash Your Pool

The technique of removing the stain is to know what kind of stain is it and you have to know what are the materials that was used in making your pool because there are cleaners that do not do well with some pool materials that is why you need to make sure that you are knowledgeable in this aspects. If you already know these important things then you can now start cleaning your pool using the cleaners that you have brought which is friendly to your pool.  

There are some methods that we are about to tell you on how to remove the stains on your pool. Please do follow through this list so that you will know more.  

If the chemicals in your swimming pool are not balanced then most likely, this is the cause of the stains that are in your swimming pool. You cannot escape from this situation because all of the people who own a swimming pool will really experience this condition.  


This is the last option when you are going to clean your pool because it requires more effort and time to pool owners. You need to drain out all of the water in your swimming pool so that you can perform this method. If you are not willing to execute enough effort for this method then it is best for you to avoid this unless the swimming pool that you have has already turned green from blue because of molds and other gross particles. This is very much true especially when you have not paid much attention to the condition of you pool for such a long time now. This process will really remove all the algae that have inhabited your pool. This acid wash process is very good for swimming pools that is not really looking good and for those owners who really wants to make their pool clean from anything.  

As we all know, the acid that you are going to use is very dangerous when you use it for you swimming pool because it is not friendly to people and with that you really have to be careful in using such chemical. You need to have protective covering for all the parts of your body so that you can ensure your safety and the safety of swimmers right after.  

The swimmers are the people that you need to consider because as an owner, you should be concerned on their safety so that means that you should only use these chemicals carefully.